1.  What is CNC?

    CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. A computer converts the design produced by CAD into numeric data or coordinates which controls the movement of the cutter. 

  2. Can we cut in 3D?

    No, our CNC machines only cut in 2D. We can only cut Polystyrene with the Hot wire cutter in 3D.

  3. How large/ small can we cut?

    CNC Bedsize: We have 2 different sized CNC machines @ 1400mm x 2900mm and 1220mm x 2440mm

  4. what materials can we cut?

    Wood, acrylic, laminate, Dibond, laminate… if you have a specific material you want to use please ask!

  5. What are your standard thicknesses of material?

    5mm minimum: 18mm maximum

  6. can i use my own materials

    Yes, we can organise this for you.